Arcioni recibió a Jorge “Loma” Ávila en Casa de Gobierno


El líder petrolero mostró su apoyo y acompañamiento al Gobierno provincial.

El gobernador del Chubut, Mariano Arcioni, recibió este lunes en su despacho de Casa de Gobierno al secretario General del Sindicato del Petróleo y Gas Privado del Chubut, Jorge “Loma” Ávila.

“Nos juntamos para hablar de distintas cuestiones, principalmente de la situación de la provincia, sobre la Ley Petrolera y el discurso del Presidente Alberto Fernández, analizando dónde está parado Chubut ante esto, tratando que se mantenga la inversión”, sostuvo Jorge “Loma” Ávila al terminar el encuentro.

Continuando, el Secretario gremial explicó que “además, nos reunimos para hablar sobre las cuestiones políticas, la idea es trabajar para resolver los problemas de todos los chubutenses, buscando los caminos para salir de esta situación, mostrando que estamos trabajando todos juntos para los chubutenses”.

“Nosotros apoyamos al Gobernador, siempre acompañamos porque cuidamos la institucionalidad y creemos que es la forma de seguir creciendo y de ahí surge el futuro de la provincia”, señaló  el líder petrolero.

Chubut continúa trabajando fuertemente en la implementación de los protocolos de prevención de Coronavirus 

Así lo confirmó el ministro de Seguridad, Federico Massoni, quien mantuvo un encuentro con su par de Salud, Fabián Puratich y el Jefe de Policía, Miguel Gómez, en donde se diagramó el trabajo en conjunto que se llevará a cabo en la provincia.

El Gobierno del Chubut continúa trabajando fuertemente en la implementación de los protocolos de prevención y seguridad en la provincia, dado el inminente avance de la enfermedad de Coronavirus en América Latina.

En ese marco, se llevó a cabo una reunión entre los ministros de Seguridad, Federico Massoni; de Salud, Fabián Puratich; y de Agricultura, Ganadería, Industria y Comercio, Leandro Cavaco; el secretario de Pesca, Adrián Awstin; el jefe de Policía del Chubut, Miguel Gómez; la subsecretaria de Seguridad y Prevención Económico Financiera, Sara Genaisir; la directora provincial de Patologías Prevalentes y Epidemiología del Ministerio de Salud, Teresa Strella, la delegada de la Secretaria de Derechos Humanos de la Nación en Chubut, Marcela Guilligan, entre otros presentes.

Avance del Coronavirus 

Al respecto, Federico Massoni contó que “nos reunimos con distintos actores importantes de la provincia y a nivel nacional para hablar sobre los protocolos que se van a aplicar en la provincia en relación a lo que es el Coronavirus”.

En el mismo sentido, el funcionario provincial explicó que “este encuentro ya lo habíamos planificado junto al ministro de Salud, Fabián Puratich, luego de su regreso de Córdoba donde participó del Consejo Federal de Salud, allí se conocieron más detalles sobre el protocolo que se está aplicando en todo el país y que también estamos desarrollando en Chubut”.

Fuerza de seguridad 

A su vez, el Ministro repasó que “en esta reunión, la especialista en la materia, es decir la directora provincial de Patologías Prevalentes y Epidemiología del Ministerio de Salud del Chubut, Teresa Strella, nos estuvo explicando cual es la necesidad que se tiene, desde esa cartera, por parte de las fuerzas de seguridad, dado que ellas son de primera intervención y para comenzar a prevenir ante cualquier tipo de problemática de este tipo”.

Debemos estar atentos 

Asimismo, Massoni resaltó que “lo que estamos buscando en delinear las medidas a llevar adelante en la provincia, porque si bien tenemos que estar muy atentos, no tenemos que estar desesperados, porque la desesperación en este tipo de casos lo que trae es complejidad y no aporta nada hacia la solución”.


“Creo que lo mejor es estar tranquilos y manejarse de forma profesional, informándonos con las personas que saben del tema, lo que nos permitirá actuar de la mejor manera en caso de que llegue a surgir algún tipo de casos de Coronavirus”, enfatizó el Ministro de Seguridad.

Presentación de protocolos

Finalmente, el funcionario provincial adelantó que “luego de todo este trabajo, el próximo lunes, la cartera de salud va a estar haciendo la presentación ante toda la sociedad sobre todos los protocolos que se van a llevar adelante en la provincia del Chubut para que todos sepan de qué manera actuar ante esta importante enfermedad”.

Wix Vs Weebly – Which can be Better?

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How can Google Protection Protect You?

Google Security is a fresh program that may be based on a deep understanding of the world wide web and the secureness issues that will be associated with this. Google Reliability works in order to avoid a series of conditions that are associated with surfing the internet. If your Internet Service Provider or perhaps anyone who has learned your system will be able to intercept any of the information that you just visit, they shall be able to enhance your internet browser and push you to displays bursting with wrong webpage. They will also have the ability to take any other data that you enter and either help to make a copy than it or mail it somewhere else. This is what secureness is all about.

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Most of Android Malware Apps Are Ineffective Trustworthy

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A BitDefender Danger Scanner Can cost you

If you want to obtain a bitdefender danger scanner at no cost, there are a few stuff that you need to understand before you start searching the internet. The first is that the application will give you a cost-free scan along with the check out, it will also ask you to give them your credit card details. This is not an excellent sign, mainly because you will not be presented access to the complete version with the program.

When you begin to research the web site, the next thing that you should be aware of is that there are a myriad of software programs that are made to do this sort of thing. Some who want to guard their computers are just after some easy-to-use programs to scan designed for viruses and spyware. No matter whether the application can be used to look after the computer.

Many of these tools will certainly encrypt the files on your computer system and the unique source of the data file can be followed back to a particular IP address. It might not be nearly anything bad, but once you use it with a second program, it may destroy your personal computer. The only exemption is that, these tools are designed for personal use only.

Transfering from the internet is certainly not good enough in terms of downloading this software. There is no make sure it will be safe, because some of the software is malware which can put you in even more trouble than it actually fixes. Understand that what you are searching for is not free. As you look at the internet site, read the stipulations very carefully to make certain you are dealing with a legitimate website.

If you are planning to use a bitdefender danger scanner, then you need to be careful. These types of scanners will certainly search the registry and have absolutely you conditions that may need to become fixed. One common problem that will be visible on the check is a computer registry corruption.

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Before you go looking for a free hazard scanner, there are several things that you have to consider. visit this site Many times, in other words for you to purchase the software that wont put you in any longer trouble than what the diagnostic scan has found. Remember that receiving a bitdefender threat scanner will only always be beneficial for you.

Locating the Top VPN Routers For Your Home Network

Finding the best VPN routers for your residence network will very likely be highly important in keeping your individual information protected. Many persons who are considering these products for themselves have to realize that this is an extremely significant step, as they can help you considerably protect your internet access constantly. As you are thinking about these products, it is vital that you take some time to research and compare the countless different ones offered, so that you end up considering the best product for your house.

One of the best reasons to consider purchasing VPN routers is that they offer you the capability to maintain usage of your own personal private internet without needing anyone else’s. These products permit you to set up a virtual non-public network that is almost totally isolated from general net. This minimizes the risk of hackers accessing your individual information or from cyber criminals monitoring the activities, that is very dangerous if they are qualified to do this. You may set up the VPN routers at home, at work, or while travelling.

For those who go surfing to watch a lot of video, this can provide you with quite a bit of protection as well. It is always better to become completely safe than my sympathies, and there is absolutely nothing that is even more dangerous than seeing your sons or daughters being exposed to unsafe websites on the internet. What many people do not realize, however , is that there are numerous programs that can be installed on their laptop that can perform lots of the functions belonging to the VPN routers. That is one of the most exciting features of these products, and why they are really so popular today.

If you are planning to install a VPN router in the home, you will need to know the types of routers that are offered. There are many different alternatives for you to choose out of, but not all of them gives you the same results. The fact of the matter is that every VPN router is made for a specific work. If you have a router that is certainly incapable of handling the type of service plan that you are looking for, you should look for a varied router.

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When it comes to the security of VPN routers, you will have to look for equipment that can function the features of a fire wall. The device you use for this will need to be a good deal more robust than a straightforward firewall. Most of the products on the market can work, however it is also important that you understand how to discover them.

The best VPN routers that are available will often offer you the capability to select which interface they will be preventing or enabling. This means that you are able to choose which usually ports are the most secure, and you will see exactly what you happen to be being supplied with. In addition , a lot of the VPN routers will offer you the option of allowing traffic to pass through the VPN router through the net to and from the online world.

As you can see, there are many benefits to purchasing VPN routers. These products can assist you to block out net hackers and also other criminals and protect you from the damaging effects of the overall internet. Whenever you are shopping for the products, you should make sure that you can to get a couple units to put into consideration. This will ensure that you are getting the best gadgets available today.

Are You Using AnonVPN?

In this article I’m going to discuss AnonVPN and regardless of whether it’s the right tool available for you. Basically AnonVPN is a software that you install on your computer (which basically provides a VPN service) and allows you to connect securely to websites over the internet (so that they can monitor your Internet protocol address – the unique number designated to each end user when they browse the web). This means that whomever you connect to is capable of see what information they need about you (because you aren’t connecting to all of them directly — they need to know very well what your IP business address is, instead of you). Regrettably, because most likely connecting making use of the AnonVPN service, there are some features of consideration to be produced: